NetSuite Implementation Partner: ERP Implementation & Configuration

The sky's the limit with cloud solutions.


Key Benefits

Over a decade of experience in implementing & configuring Oracle NetSuite’s cloud ERP solutions.
NetSuite’s latest features paired with the Gurus experience ensure you demonstrate the quickest ROI!
11 Years of Proven Process.
Collaborative approach with a focus on your specific NetSuite needs.

Request More Info From an Expert

Activity: Let’s do the work!

Our Gurus will leverage our approach, processes and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to identify the sequence of work required for both parties.

Highlights: Collaborative Work Session

Our Gurus will provide key components such as: a project kick off, interactive workshops, process owner and power user hands-on training, pre go-live, go-live and post go-live.

Possible Deliverables

Our Gurus will provide weekly progress reports, structure post go live sessions, including support for month end processes and a modern platform fine tuning for your core business!

How Can We Help You

Looking to start a new project? We can
help with everything from product selection to
implementation and training.

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