Salesforce Call Center Integration

Computer Telephony Integrations, or CTIs, are software that gives users the ability to utilize their business’ phone system via their desktop for centralized control over call-related tasks. These integrations can be utilized to connect Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Customer Experience Management (CRM) tools to Call Centers for better customer service. Utilizing a CTI, Salesforce can be integrated with a Call Center to empower customer relationships, boost productivity, and drive salest. Make and receive calls without leaving your CRM.

Why Should I Integrate Call Center Software to Salesforce?

Due to a continuing increase in customer demands, and cloud-based technologies, modern businesses are facing mounting pressures to increase resource spending on proper customer service management tools. Utilizing call center software, in tandem with a CRM, offers a wide variety of benefits that any business can benefit from. Only with a properly integrated call center can companies maintain industry-leading customer satisfaction, and continue to scale.

Here are a few key benefits you’ll receive from an integration with a Call Center provider:


Improve customer service management by providing a consistent calling experience.
Enhance productivity and increase sales deals with improved call reporting and handling.
Identify urgent calls to deliver exceptional customer experience. This increases professionalism and builds trust with your clients.
Boost the security of customers’ data with the protection of cloud capabilities.

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How does a Salesforce CTI Integration Work?


Customer journey management is essential for contact center success. By integrating with a CRM solution, businesses can gain insight into customer actions and the factors that drive these decisions. This information can then be used to tailor responses and processes to encourage greater conversions and satisfaction. A CTI is the bridge that connects these two services.

Although the process may require external help, here are some of the features you will be able to explore once your Salesforce organization has integrated with your provided Call Center:

Your team can make and receive calls without even leaving your Salesforce account, giving you the ability to avoid the dreaded “Swivel-Chair” problem, something we’ve already discussed how to avoid.

Set up automatic call distribution inside Salesforce to ensure calls are routed to the most appropriate agent based on algorithms powered by customer data. This will drastically decrease call resolution times, saving time and resources.

Transfer calls easily with one click to other agents and extensions if needed. With an integrated Call Center you will be able to increase internal collaboration and Communication. This can increase potential upselling, or cross-selling, opportunities.

Check call history and customer details on screen pop-ups for personalized interactions for a more engaging, and unique feeling, interaction. Salesforce data gets updated automatically, no need for your teams to worry about missing any vital information.

Set up an Interactive Voice Response system to route calls to the right department and improve service availability for your customers.

When Should I Integrate Salesforce to Call Center Software?

Can your business benefit from a stronger customer service experience? 

A call center is great for boosting productivity for Salesforce users that spend time on the phone. An integration of the two would add visibility to incoming calls and let employees log and track the outcomes of those calls. All of this is valuable information for both customer service and sales teams!

CRM integration provides valuable insights into the customer journey, which can be used to tailor agents' responses and increase conversions. Each interaction is recorded in the customer's history and can be accessed easily on a unified screen. This ensures smooth customer journeys and shows that the CRM and contact center integration is customer-oriented.

If after reading this you feel that these changes and additions would make yours and the lives of your employees easier, then it’s time to integrate.

Salesforce CTI for Call Center Software, How To Set It Up

There are many CTIs that can integrate Salesforce with call center software. Depending on which Call Center software you have, it may have a dedicated CTI built in. If not, then Salesforce is compatible with many options that can handle bridging the two services.

But this can be time consuming and tricky to manage. Having too many integrations to manage can effectively detract from the positive time-saving benefits that the integrations would have provided in the first place.

Nevertheless, If you’re looking to manage all of your integrations under one platform, Boomi is the integration tool you need for all of your systems and applications. Boomi offers users the ability to maintain each and every integration they may need to maximize their business’ efficiency. Contact one of our representatives using the form below to request more information.

If you‘re still deciding on systems, or would like to see how NetSuite handles integrations, check out our Boomi for NetSuite resources here.

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