Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies

GURUS Webinar Sales & Use Tax Compliance For Dummies

Sales & Use Tax Compliance for Dummies will help you understand the constantly changing world of sales and use tax regulation and your responsibilities for collecting and remitting tax.

View the webinar to learn tips & tricks about:

  • Which taxes you may be responsible for — examine the differences between sales and use taxes and when each applies
  • Nexus, know where you owe — know when and where you need to collect tax, along with the rules associated with doing business in various states, including e-file requirements
  • Tips to avoid an audit — learn about the costs of not complying with tax regulations and how to evaluate facets of your business that put you at risk for an audit
  • Ways to manage exemption certificates (hint it’s not manually) — learn how to properly maintain exemption certificates to justify the amount of tax you charge
  • Using a sales tax solution with your ERP system, product examples — Extending Avalara’s AvaTax sales tax solution using NetSuite ERP, the world's leading cloud-based business management solution.
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