NetSuite Licenses

Can I buy NetSuite directly and/or through a partner? 
Either - a certified NetSuite partner, like GURUS Solutions, will be able to sell NetSuite licenses, implementations, modules, training, support, and more. Learn more about all the services you can purchase. 
Does NetSuite offer vertical, industry-specific solutions?

Yes - there are tailored NetSuite solutions for a variety of industries like manufacturing, distribution, and retail to professional services, software development, and nonprofit organizations. Learn more about finding a NetSuite solution for your industry

GURUS Solutions also offers custom solutions for different industries, including Container Management, Integrated Engineer-To-Order (ETO), Dynamic Special Order, and Marketplace Reconciliation

Which NetSuite edition is right for my business?

NetSuite comes in a number of targeted industry editions, which package together core NetSuite solution with modules to fulfill the requirements of a host of industries. Learn more about all the NetSuite solutions

Is there a required 12-month annual contract for NetSuite?

Yes - NetSuite software is 100% subscription-based. 

Is there a minimum user count required for NetSuite?


Is there a limit on the number of NetSuite users I can have?

No. NetSuite is a totally scalable solution which supports any number of users ranging from one to into the thousands.

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