NetSuite Advanced Email Invoices

Over 300 billion emails are sent on any given day, and with around 4 billion email users daily, that’s quite a staggering number. Newsletters, advertisements, and unsolicited sales pitches take up a large portion of our inboxes, often overshadowing the more critical correspondences. 

Managing a business consists of overseeing all departments from operations to marketing to human resources. Realistically, the finance department is at the top of the hierarchy, as without money a business ceases to exist.

It’s no surprise that the top email correspondence centers around financials: invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable, expenses, and revenue. It’s crucial that financial controllers stay on the ball when it comes to handling the finances of an organization. And with the ever growing users in email, it has become the main source of communication for economic affairs.

NetSuite does wonders for managing budgets and money-related inquiries, by automating receivables and payables. The real issue is figuring out how to make sure the invoice is sent at the right time, to the right person. It’s easy: NetSuite Email Invoices. 


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Advanced Invoice Emailing in NetSuite

It couldn’t be clearer than crystal, the key to staying in complete control of finances lies within electronic mail. Outdated devices like faxes and phones just don’t cut it anymore to ensure payment.

It’s time to start automating invoices through email transactions, where businesses can maintain audit trails as well as easy access to accounts payables and receivables to know where, when, and who has paid (and who hasn’t). 

The best part about all this? All of it is completely doable within NetSuite. Advanced invoice emailing is a feature that adds flexibility to the emailing of invoices in NetSuite by providing a selection page for invoices to be batch-sent through email and adding a send button on the invoice.

It’s versatility extends well beyond an invoice too. Sales orders, item fulfillments, credit memos, are just a few additional transactions that can be enabled with NetSuite’s email notifications. Once the NetSuite notifications have been facilitated, staff in the financial department will be able to send emails to the primary email saved in the customer and/or vendor account record.

Depending on each client relationship, companies can specify what type of email transactions are sent. Perhaps it’s acknowledging a sales order, confirmation of shipment, or a notification of a paid (or unpaid) invoice.


Print and Send Multiple Invoices in NetSuite

The chances of an accountant sending out one invoice to a client and closing up shop after is a rare occasion in the business world. A more appropriate day would be delivering multiple invoices to a client. Without NetSuite, this situation would probably look more like a file folder bursting at its corners, unable to close. 

The basic competence of NetSuite is its management of transactions - sales orders, invoices, inventory - and because of this, it must absolutely have the ability to print and share these invoices with users, clients, and vendors. 

Now of course, this would all be null and void to promote NetSuite email notifications and then end off saying that all companies can do is print the invoices and send them out via snail mail. No, in this instance, once a user clicks on the print icon, the invoice will appear as a PDF file, which can easily be attached and sent on its way through email.

NetSuite has multiple customizations where users can set preferences and edit the invoice in the way they would like it to be presented. 

As described, sending multiple one-transaction invoices through one attachment is easy. On the other hand, NetSuite can print multiple invoices combined into a single attachment, but this requires some scripting.

Certain customization and scripting will also help with other challenges, including customized dates and times for specific invoices and choosing to re-send an invoice to a customer. 

When it comes to customizations and programmation, it’s best to talk with a NetSuite Consultant to explore options.



The GURU Solution

Here at GURUS, we’ve made note of a few hiccups that are bound to happen when it comes to advanced email invoices within NetSuite.

Our GuruApp solution is designed to solve these issues and features a custom page based on SuiteScript that allows the user to select invoices through checkboxes, which then triggers the batch process of sending out multiple invoices to their corresponding customers. 

Another component involves a Suitelet which, when triggered by the click of a button on the invoice, will send (or resend) an individual invoice to the customer.

This solution can be combined with NetSuite's Mail Merge, allowing templates to be defined for the email body. The invoice can also be included as an attached PDF file.


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