Lot Number Inventory Report

One of GURUS Solutions' customer needed to update their lot numbered inventory from reports supplied by their TPL. GURUS Solutions has developed a scripted solution to automate this process.

  • Leverages existing NetSuite features to keep development costs low
  • Simple to use
  • Visibility is maintained by creating transactions that correspond to the ones reported by the TPL
  • Processing is queued and import results are sent by email


  • Developed with and for a limited time budget
  • Lot numbering is not well supported through CSV import so a custom scripting solution is required
  • Visibility on the ordering process had to be maintained
  • Data had to be sorted correctly


The data provided by the TPL is imported into custom records AND POs through CSV import. A script is then executed by navigating to a menu entry. The script executes in the background and analyzes the data imported, automatically generating item receipts with Lot Number Information. Once the execution is completed, an receipt report is sent by email to the user that triggered the scrtipt.

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