L & D Module

Tracking employee learning and development activities is a challenge for growing companies. Managers need to quickly assign activities to group of employees, keep track of who completed the activities and automatically generate reminders for the others. The customer for which we developed this feature even used the L&D module to ease NetSuite adoption by making sure that employees watched the recommended training video.

The L&D module is a series of NetSuite custom records and scripts. It implements the following features:

  • Request that a specific employee or a group of employees perform an action before a given date
  • Group of employees can be created and reused (ex. marketing group)
  • Upon creation the employee(s) receive an email notification with the task to perform, containing an hyperlink that provides a direct link to update the status of the assignment upon completion
  • If the assignment is not completed before a configurable amount of days prior to the expiry date an email alert is automatically sent to the employee, reminding them to complete the assignment or notify the assignor of the issue (delay)
  • If the employee completes an assignment that yields a certification, the certification can be recorded along with an expiry date if applicable
  • An email alert is automatically generated 1 month prior to expiry for every certification that has an expiry date
  • In addition, dashboard searches are available to track assignments and employee performances  



The development of the module presented several challenges for instance the creation of reusable names employee groups, the constant focus on streamlining the process as much as possible reduce administrative overhead and data re-entry while providing the key stakeholders with needed visibility.

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