Historical Sales-Based Quick Item Reorder

A custom-built screen displays all the items a Customer has purchased in the past, sorted by frequency of purchase. The items can be ticked in using a checkbox, with additional information such as pricing and quantity specified (both the values default to the last ordered values). Once all items are ticked in, the user submits and a Sales Order is created.

  • Custom-built User Interface shows listing of items customer orders the most (by historical purchases)

  • Quickly order customer's most commonly ordered products with a few clicks of a button

  • Unlimited number of items


Businesses that deal with customers that always order the same couple of things typically take a lot of time to fill in order entry. Properly serving the customer and not missing any sales opportunities, means executing lots of Searches to correctly identify all the products the customer would be interested in.


The Historical Sales-based Quick Order entry eliminates this searching process and instantly provides all the information you need to know about the products your customers want. The sales process goes from long minutes or even hours to just a few quick clicks, with no risk of missing upsales.

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