GURUS Resource Scheduler

By centralizing the information many managers need to optimize their resources and to plan effectively, the Graphical Resources Scheduler (GRS) becomes a valuable addition to NetSuite’s already robust set of employee management tools. The Graphical Resource Scheduler pulls information stored in employee records to populate a graphical user interface that shows each employee and their workload over a given period of time. The GRS allows the user to filter results based on criteria such as skill set and experience, task type, and company department.This filtering as well as the ability to apply color coding provides easy recognition of employee qualification for a specific task or project.


  • Gives project managers the ability to view day-to-day employee workload, as well as track holidays and vacation time
  • Task times are divided by the number of days to give a sense of general workload
  • Customizable color sets make for clear and easy indicators
  • Ability to filter by task type, employee skill set and skill level when part of the Professional Services Toolkit
  • Can assign skill types and 5 levels of skill sets to employees

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