Distribution Toolkit

GURUS Solutions' Professional Services Toolkit for NetSuite gives you a complete and robust system to easily and efficiently manage projects, from custom time tracking features to support case fields.

Distribution Toolkit for NetSuite

  • CSV Import of Inventory Adjustment with or without Lot/Serial/Bin

    Import CSV files for Inventory Adjustment transactions via the standard CSV Import wizard. Tool allows for the import of Items using Bin, Lot Number and/or Serial Numbers.

  • Reception Tolerances

    Set over- or under-reception tolerance thresholds. Tool can be used to cause Vendor Bills to default to Pending Approval or be Approved right away. Further, for under-reception tolerances, the PO lines will auto-close once the minimal threshold is attained.

  • Cost of Assemblies

    GURUS Solutions’ best-selling add-on, Cost of Assembly, is now part of the Distribution and Manufacturing Toolkit, allowing you to gain visibility of the cost of your Assemblies. The fully recursive exploration algorithm component supports BOMs with dozens of layers deep and offers costing computation using several, fully-configurable methods.

  • Synch Receipt and Bill Unit Rates

    Simplify the synchronization process, causing an automatic update of all related Item Receipts once a Vendor Bill is created, avoiding any erroneous cost discrepancies that might affect your profitability reporting.

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