Disc Employee Profiles Map

The DISC Profile project was built to visually display the results obtained from a personality test taken by employees at GURUS Solutions. The test classifies the personality of employees based on four dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. It also assigns a personality type to every individual based on his score in those four dimensions. The DISC Profile project displays those 4 dimensions on a scatter graph for the whole company. It also color codes each point based on the corresponding personality type.


The goal of this GuruApp is recognizing and highlighting differences in the personality types of colleagues. This is useful for team creation and task assignment, among other internal functions.

The DISC Profile project was deployed as a Suitlet that visually displays the four dimensions and the personality type of all employees in the four quadrants of a scatter graph. The position of the employee is determined by his scores in the four personality dimensions and his point is color coded based on his personality type.

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