Container Management

GURUS Solutions’ Container Management Solution allows companies and distributors to have complete visibility of their container loads throughout the shipping cycle - this is especially useful for purchase orders done from overseas suppliers. With this solution, NetSuite capabilities and features are leveraged to have a complete best practice of the procurement to pay process. As purchase orders are created, the user can decide which container to put items in, and have this information recorded for reference and follow-up. The container information is sent to the vendor who will then fill in the inventory detail to be sent back to the customer.


This container management solution gives visibility to the status of the container, and purchase transactions attached to it - with this solution we can keep track of them at any point in time. Item reception, billing and payment process are executed using NetSuite's native process.

The container may retain the following information:

  • Creation of the purchase order
  • Inventory detail that is in the container (Lot Number)
  • Landed Cost Associated with the item/purchase order
  • Reporting on the container will show the purchase order transactions and items that are in the container.
  • Keep track of the container's status to know if it has shipped in full or is in transit.

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