GURUS Solutions Unveils Partnership with Mavenlink

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GURUS Solutions is proud to announce its latest partnership with Mavenlink, the industry cloud for professional services


Montreal, Quebec – March 10, 2022 GURUS Solutions today announced a new partnership with the preeminent industry cloud for professional services, Mavenlink. This relationship equips GURUS Solutions’ team of experts with a leading purpose-built technology solution for the ever-expanding Professional Services industry. 

"GURUS Solutions and Mavenlink share similar values. Our focus on quality solutions for our clients, and our shared experiences is illustrative of this," said Dominique Frechette, General Manager at GURUS Solutions. "We’re excited for what this partnership can do for our clients.”

With this partnership GURUS Solutions will continue to excel in providing enterprise-level cloud solutions and serve as a one-stop shop for implementations, integrations, and project architecture. GURUS Solutions will now be able to provide clients with a better overview of their resources by leveraging Mavenlink’s Industry Cloud for Professional Services to optimize resources so services businesses run more smoothly, predictably, and profitably. 

“Mavenlink was purpose-built to give professional services organizations insight into their resource demand and capacity for smarter resource decisions across their entire project portfolio,” said Tom Nicholas, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances at Mavenlink. “GURUS Solutions’ extensive knowledge of Mavenlink, coupled with their Enterprise Resource Planning experience allows them to transform clients’ operational efficiencies and economic outcomes.”

Mavenlink solutions now available to GURUS Solutions clients include:

  • Resource, Operations, and Project Management
    Mavenlink’s Industry Cloud for Professional Services will allow GURUS Solutions’ clients to manage their resources in real-time, all in one centralized location. It improves the overall visibility of their entire business operations as clients can find all projects in one centralized location to assign and prioritize tasks to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Project Accounting and Team Collaboration
    With Mavenlink’s real-time insights, GURUS’ clients can streamline their entire operation making informed decisions and planning to optimize outcomes. They are now able to make strategic decisions with confidence, access more accurate reporting and analysis, and facilitate data-driven recommendations.

About GURUS Solutions

Since 2005, GURUS Solutions has been helping companies across the United States and Canada overcome obstacles to their growth with new and innovative ERP solutions. 

For nearly two decades now, GURUS’ team of NetSuite and Boomi professionals have set the standard for best practices in implementing and integrating Cloud ERP systems and associated third-party applications for growing businesses. They have a team of nearly one hundred consultants based all across North America, ready to take on complex projects and help companies achieve their goals in business growth and expansion with the right tools.

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About Mavenlink

Mavenlink's purpose-built cloud software for professional services takes PSA software to a new level, one that optimizes resources and elevates operational performance to build thriving businesses. A resource-first architecture, enables services businesses to field the best team, every time and see up-to-the-minute progress against timelines and budgets so projects run smoothly, predictably, and profitably. Mavenlink gives professional services firms in more than 100 countries the clarity, control, and confidence to do what they do best, even better. 

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