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NetSuite Data Exporter is a Google Sheet Add-on built to accelerate and automate the process of exporting NetSuite saved search results to Google Sheets. This app will allow you to connect to your NetSuite account with the provided credentials, run specified saved searches, and export the results into spreadsheets. From there, you can take advantage of powerful features within Google sheets, such as: colorful charts, custom filters & formulas, pivot tables, private sharing, and plenty of other features. 



Note: Please scroll down to download the NetSuite Data Exporter Installation and User guides.

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The Benefits of using NetSuite Data Exporter:
  • Leverage Google Sheets data analysis tools (flexible filters, sorting, custom formulas, combine results from multiple searches, create pivot tables)
  • Populate charts in Google Sheets with a variety of chart options and colors
  • Leverage custom dashboards with the data from your sheets (powered by Google Data Studio) for data visualization 
  • Create dynamic reports for month’s close & end of quarter
  • Manage control of who can see your data and charts with Google Sheets’ sharing and privacy features.
  • Pull up to 20 saved searches a day / 2 per request (Upgrade available for unlimited searches)

Data Exporter Installation & Support 

In order to begin using the Data Exporter, the Data Exporter bundle must be activated by a member of the GURUS Solutions team. As such, please wait for confirmation from a member of the GURUS Solutions team that your bundle has been activated.

Once you have received confirmation that your Data Exporter license has been activated, you have two installation options.

1. Data Exporter Self Installation

To help you get your Data Exporter up and running as fast as possible, our team put together a quick Installation Guide to help you install the tool for yourself. You can also download our Data Exporter User Guide for tips on using the tool.

A Note on Support:

Because the Data Exporter is a free tool, please note that the amount of time required to obtain support for the tool will depend on the availability of our team. 

As such, please allow us at least 24 hours to respond to your Data Exporter related questions and queries. 

2. Data Exporter Installation & Support Package 

If you would like extra assistance installing and using the Data Exporter,  you can purchase the Data Exporter Installation package to help install your tool, troubleshoot any questions or complications, and even obtain long-term support.

The standard Data Exporter Installation and Support package includes: 

  1. Installation by a member of the GURUS team
  2. A 4-hour package for support, demos, troubleshooting, and more
  3. The ability to purchase more hours if needed

You can inquire about purchasing the Data Exporter package by filling out the form above and stating your interest in the “Comments” section.

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