Oracle EPBCS

Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service

Oracle’s Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) provides a complete business solution for consolidating financial, operational, sales & resource planning objectives.

  • Leverages the powerful functionalities of PBCS with additional models prebuilt for Financial budgeting and forecasting, Workforce, Capital Expenditures, and Projects
  • Robust models with the user familiarity of Excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to combine live system information with forecasted information
  • Security & Controlled Access (Limit access to specific data based on department and role)
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3 Reasons to Consider PBCS

Fast Implementation Time

Oracle EPBCS can be implemented in as little as a few weeks with our streamlined, painless implementation process. You can have it running before your next budget cycle!

Accurate Planning for Both Short-Term & Long-Term Growth
  • Avoid over-staffing or under-staffing
  • Get live data at your fingertips so your information is always accurate & up to date
  • Plan your spending by department, project and role
Intuitive User Interface & Functionality
  • Use the Excel interface you’re familiar with, or plan using an intuitive web interface designed for a fast learning curve
  • Limit and manage navigation flows with role-based functionalities, so that every user gets access based on their usage needs without affecting other departments



  • Driver based “what if” modelling capabilities
  • Built-in financial intelligence
  • Flexible workflows & planning
  • Automatically integrates with Oracle and other ERP systems
  • Oracle’s multi-level security measures
Benefits You Can Look Forward To:
  • 4 prebuilt models for out-of-the-box functionality
  • Lower Overhead
  • Fully customizable
  • Centralize data from disconnected planning tools and spreadsheet systems
  • Rapid implementation will get you up and running in time for your next budgeting
  • Controlled access to any specific data determined by user role

Plan for Every “What If” Scenario with EPBCS Sandbox & Predictive Analytics

To help businesses adapt rapidly to the unpredictability of today’s business environment, Oracle EPBCS is built with sophisticated modelling and predictive functionalities, as well as a robust sandbox platform for testing. Users can take advantage of its analytical capabilities to create several “what if” scenarios and compile data from various possible cases.

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